Continuous Improvement Driven by Data

Principles of Quality Management: Continuous Improvement

This may be the most important principle of quality management.

While there are many important quality management principles, this time we will look at continuous improvement. Perhaps the idea most associated with quality, it means never being satisfied with the status quo.

Drive Improvement with Data

Achieve greater insight into the operations and make decisions based on data.

Data is not everything. But it is perhaps the main thing standing between you and a successful project. Continuous improvement takes effort, but more than anything, it takes solid information and analysis. In other words, wouldn’t it be more helpful to use statistical process control to find out where your process is going wrong, rather than just a hunch?

Customer Complaints Management: Drive Loyalty and Mitigate Risk Across Your Organization

Customer experience is one of the most important differentiators for any organization. Many industries are witnessing a levelling of innovation because of the broader democratization of technology, which means no organization can afford to rely on simple product differentiation to gain customers and win in new markets.