Custom ISO 9001 Executive Training

This is a professional, 4-hour course designed to introduce your company’s top management to ISO 9001. The topics covered pave the way to a successful ISO project that provides tangible benefits to your company. The course is presented by one of our certified instructors who specializes in executive coaching. Training is customized to your organization and presented at a time most convenient.

This service is currently only available remotely due to Covid-19 related restrictions.


Our Custom Executive Training is a 4-hour, tailor-made program that focuses on areas that are key to ensuring a seamless ISO implementation and successful certification. The ‘virtual live classroom’ training is best taken at the beginning of your ISO project in order to emphasize top management’s responsibilities, boost their awareness and encourage meaningful participation.

Learning objectives

This is what participants will learn:

The aspects of ISO 9001 that are relevant to executives

How to use ISO to add operational value to your specific company

How to approach and perform the ISO responsibilities of executives in a valuable and meaningful way

What to expect from the certification audit and how to interact with external auditors

Course content

Our instructor will:

Highlight the key sections of the ISO 9001 standard and discuss them in the context of your company.

Detail the responsibilities of top management – these include having a thorough knowledge of the ISO standard, the process approach and how the quality management system (QMS) works and impacts on the organization.

Define the key QMS tools that drive success and profitability in the organization.

Stress the relevant parts of ISO 9001 in a way that focuses on generating maximum organizational value.

Teach top management how to prepare for the certification audit, how to discuss key points with the auditor, and how to support these points by providing tangible evidence.

Authors and presenters

This course has been developed in-house by our team of ISO consultants and professional instructors. Customized training is conducted by one of our certified QMS instructors.


This course is designed for individuals with no previous knowledge of ISO 9001.