ISO 50001 2018 Energy Management System

What is ISO 50001

ISO 50001 is an internationally recognized system for energy management, which ensures that organizations implementing it, have established procedures for proper energy management. As Organizations become more and more environmentally sensitive and energy costs are constantly increasing, the implementation of ISO 50001 can be a low-cost tool to ensure the efficient use of energy and the participation in the effort to rescue fossil land resources and reduce costs.

ISO 50001 Energy Management System

ISO 50001 Energy Management System is structured in a similar manner to ISO 14001 Standard. Organizations that have already implemented or plan to implement ISO 14001 can consolidate the requirements of the management systems in order to have a more productive application process, while ensuring the advantages and the added value of a management system in the form of lower energy costs.

Target Audience

ISO 50001 Standard is suitable for all organizations, regardless of their size, sector or geographic region. It is particularly useful in energy intensive industries or for Organizations with many branches and facilities that consume large amounts of energy.

ISO 50001 2018
Energy Management System

The benefits 

The implementation and certification of an Energy Management System can bring several benefits to an Organization, including:

  • Optimizing the use of energy sources and energy-related business assets
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Creating a competitive advantage, as the interest in management of energy resources and the effort to protect the planet from the greenhouse effect can improve the public image of the organization and attract environmentally sensitive customers.
  • Increase energy cost savings for the organization by reducing energy costs via a structured approach to managing your energy consumption.
  • Enhanced security of energy supply as you will have identified your energy risk exposure in areas within the organization and commenced processes to reduce them.

Certification Process / Required Documents

The Organization interested to achieve certification against ISO 50001 standard requirements contacts ISC Control and fills in the certification application

Why Choose ISC Control as Your Certification Body?

Global Recognition

Selecting the right organization or certification body that offers qualitative and credible training and certification services can be a challenge. However, by choosing an accredited certification body, such as ISC Control, proves that you follow best practices, up to speed, and trustworthy.

Professionals who pursue a ISC Control con certification credential will benefit from the recognition in domestic and overseas markets. Being accredited by some of the strictest and most reputable accreditation bodies in the world gives us global recognition.