The Certification Process

If you have in mind to certify your organization, do not hesitate to contact us. Here are the steps to follow:

The client must provide us with basic information about the organization and its activity; essential information to send you a personalized and tailored proposal.

Once the client has reviewed and agrees with the proposal that ISC CONTROL has presented to him, he must send it to us. At this point the certification process begins.

After receiving the proposal, from ISC CONTROL we send the client a welcome statement with the double objective of reception / reception and to mark the steps to follow from that precise moment.

From ISC CONTROL we put the client in communication with the Auditor Responsible for the File. Together they will plan the audit dates according to the convenience of both parties.

After planning the audit, once the dates arrive, it is executed, beginning with an Opening Meeting, preceded by the execution of the audit itself, and ending with the Closing Meeting.

Once the audit has been carried out, in the event of non-conformities, the client has time to resolve the same and send the Corrective Action Plan to the Auditor Responsible for the File. In complex situations, extraordinary visits could be planned.

If the client responds appropriately to the Corrective Action Plan, the file receives a triple review; In the first instance, it is examined by the Auditor Responsible for the File, if all goes well, a second review by the Audit Committee takes place; and finally, it is the Certification Committee, which has the authority to issue the certificate.

On an annual basis, follow-up audits are carried out, in order to confirm the adequate maintenance of the Management System. The certification cycles have a duration of three years, so every 3 years, a Renewal / Recertification audit is executed.

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