The grounds for suspending the certificate are as follows:

  • If the certified organization is not getting the Surveillance audit conducted as per the certification agreement.
  • If the client is found to misuse the logo of the Certification Body or is using any kind of misleading statement which might affect the reputation of the certification body and the accreditation board.
  • If there is any complaint from the customer’s customer ISC Control needs to verify the complaint and in case if the certified organization is found guilty the certificate will be suspended and will remain suspended until the complaint is not resolved.
  • In case of Nonpayment of the fee as per the Contractual agreement.
  • If during the Surveillance audit system found not to comply with Standard requirement.

Upon the Suspension the certificate will be surrendered from the client, the ISC Control web site will be updated that the organization’s certificate is suspended (not valid). After withdrawal of the certificate if the organization is found using the certificate or certification information in any manner, legal action will be taken against the Organization as per the contractual agreement.

Note: The evidence can be verified onsite or offsite depending upon the nature of the reason for the suspension.