Classification of Hotels and Lodgings

What is Classification of Hotels and Lodgings in Stars and Key Ratings

With the new legislative framework for Tourism N.4276/2014 started the organized and objective classification of tourist accommodation in categories of Stars and Keys. In this new classification process the Certification Bodies implement the Inspections of the accommodations.

The main objective of this Legislative Framework is the qualitative upgrading and modernization of tourist accommodation relevant to international tourism market standards.

Classification of Hotels and Lodgings in Stars and Keys Ratings

The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels is the body responsible for issuing the Certificate of Classification of tourist accommodation. The Classification Certificate is a prerequisite for the issuance of the new Tourist Accommodation Special Operation Signs (E.S.L.) by the Respective Tourism Services Bodies. The Special Operation Signs issued before 1.1.2015 will automatically cease to apply on 07.31.2017. This means, that all accommodations that have Special Operation Signs issued before 1.1.2015 should complete the new classification process by the end of 2017. The new units that began their operation after 1.1.2015 should be directly following the procedure.

Ministerial decrees establish the functional and technical specifications for the classification of Hotels in Star ratings and Tourist Apartment Lodgings in Key ratings.

Classification of
Hotels and Lodgings

The benefits:

The process Classification of Tourist Accommodations in Categories of Stars and Keys Ratings is mandatory for their lawful operation. The technical and functional classification criteria provide an important opportunity for the exploiters of tourist accommodations to modernize their facilities in line with international tourist quality standards and to provide a more complete hospitality experience in their tourist clients.

Certification Process / Required Documents

For the issuance of a Special Operation Sign (E.S.L.) according to the new classification system, the owner of tourist accommodation makes an application to the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, which is appointed to grant the Certificate of Classification. Then, the owner selects the Accredited Certification Body that carries out the on-site inspection of the tourist accommodation and prepares the Technical Report. The Technical Report includes all the required and optional criteria of the tourist accommodation, according to its Star and Key classification. In the end, the owner submits the Technical Report in the corresponding Tourist Office Service and the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels issues the classification certificate.

Why choose ISC Control

ISC Control is accredited by the National Accreditation System (ESYD) for conducting tourist accommodation classification inspections and is posted on the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels web platform. ISC Control has established a nationwide network of experienced inspectors covering all regions of Canada.