ISO 28000 2007 Specification for Security Management Systems For The Supply Chain

ISO 28000:2007 is a management system standard which has been developed particularly for logistics companies and organizations that manage deliver chain operations. Published as a Publicly Available Specification by the International Standards Organization in 2005, this was replaced in 2007 by the full standard, ISO 28000:2007.

ISO 28000 standards specifies the requirements for a supply chain security management system, linking security management to many other aspects of business management. For organizations working within, or relying on, the logistics industry, certification to the ISO 28000:2007 supply chain management standard provides a valuable framework. It will help minimize the risk of security incidents and so help provide problem-free ‘just in time’ delivery of goods and supplies. ISO 28000 standard sets in place mechanisms and processes to address security vulnerabilities at strategic and operational levels, as well as establish preventive action plans. ISO 28000 is suitable for all sizes and types of organization that are involved in purchasing, manufacturing, service, storage, transportation and/or sales processes, and wish to implement and maintain a secure management system for its supply chain.

ISC Control is at the leading edge of supply chain security management system certification. We have experience of security assessments gained from carrying out audits of many exporters, warehouses & ISC Control ‘s. Organizations that choose ISC Control’s ISO 28000 certification can demonstrate that they are contributing significantly to supply chain security.

Key Elements of ISO 28000 certification

  • Establish, implement, maintain and improve a supply chain security management system.
  • Assure conformance with supply chain security management policy.
  • Demonstrate conformance to requirements of supply chain security management.
  • Educate / train your vendors / subcontractors in supply chain.
  • Conduct internal security audit & record audit findings. Developed system of continuous monitoring of security arrangements & recording incidences of security breaches.

ISO 28000 2007
Specification for Security Management
Systems For The Supply Chain

Benefits of Benefits of 28000:2007 Certification

  • Allows security to be managed as a process so that the effectiveness of security
    management can be measured and improved.
  • Allows management to focus resources and efforts on areas with high-risk concerns (through a security risk assessment).
  • Allows management to benchmark its security management efforts with international standards.
  • Demonstrates to stakeholders the commitment to enforce.
  • Systematized management practices
  • Enhanced supply chain performance
  • Improved credibility and brand recognition
  • Benchmarking against globally recognizable criteria
  • Integrated enterprise resilience
  • Greater compliance procedures
  • Aligned terminology and conceptual usage.

Why Choose ISC Control as Your Certification Body?

Global Recognition

Selecting the right organization or certification body that offers qualitative and credible training and certification services can be a challenge. However, by choosing an accredited certification body, such as ISC Control, proves that you follow best practices, up to speed, and trustworthy.

Professionals who pursue a ISC Control con certification credential will benefit from the recognition in domestic and overseas markets. Being accredited by some of the strictest and most reputable accreditation bodies in the world gives us global recognition.