ISO 29900 Learning services for non-formal education and training

ISO 29990 is a quality management system standard for providers of education and training services. ISO 29990 gives a unified model for a quality and professional mode of operation, as well as an ordinary reference point for both LSPs and their clients for the conceptualization, development, and delivery of the program.

ISO 29990 Certification – Learning Services Management Systems has been developed in reaction to the need for a generic model for professional practice and quality performance of learning service givers. ISC Control gives comprehensive ISO 29990 audits against the standard, certifying that every stage of your operation aligns with ISO learning service quality assurance necessities.

ISO 29990 is essentially subdivided into two areas: learning services (for example, these services include designing, given that and monitoring of learning services) and management at the learning service supplier for example business planning, financial management, risk management as well as human resources management. This Standard is the first Standard for learning providers that is applicable and applied on an international scale. The advantages for learning providers are transparency of their own services, global comparability, and defined procedures for quality assurance. ISC Control is an objective demonstration of conformity, creating confidence for learners and other concerned parties in the capacity of the organization to achieve quality throughout the learning procedure.


The ISO 29900 standard describes a management system that contains common references for learning service providers, regarding:

  • Detection of customer training needs,
  • provision of learning services,
  • resource availability and
  • suitability of the environment in which the training will be given,

are some of the aspects in which the norm affects?

ISO 29990 certification, for learning service management systems, has been developed in response to the need for a generic model for professional practice and quality management of learning service providers, but with a particular focus on a very specific sector of activity.

ISO 29900
Learning services for
non-formal education and training

Main requirements:

ISO 29990 includes requirements for:

  • the detection of customer training needs,
  • The provision of learning services is also an aspect in which the norm affects, guaranteeing that the student has the necessary information to be able to receive the training (training objectives, methodology, contacts, rights and obligations, etc.),
  • Regarding resources, ISO 29990 emphasizes that the learning service provider must ensure the availability of resources and the appropriateness of the environment in which the training will be delivered.
  • It also specifies that feedback and evaluation of training are essential requirements to establish a process of continuous improvement.
  • Regarding the management system: the ISO 29990 standard obliges the learning service provider to establish a management system that guarantees the adequate provision of the service, according to: Organizational strategy and management; management system review; preventive and corrective actions; financial management and risk management; Management of human resources; communication management; internal audits; and feedback from stakeholders.

Why ISO 29900 certification can be useful:

Certification with ISC Control of your ISO 29900 system is useful for your organization as it will allow you to:

  • Comply with the above requirements.
  • Certified organizations have a differentiating element   in the sector.
  • It allows organizations to establish Management system focused on Continuous improvement   through the control and analysis of training management processes, as well as establishing methods to improve them.
  • Improve your positioning in the market and optimized the services offered.

Why Choose ISC Control as Your Certification Body?

Global Recognition

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